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Mipaya Birthing

Alpaca Birthing by Char

Do you need someone to keep an eye on your pregnant dam? Do you need to leave town and have no one to watch your dam?  We offer birthing services on our farm during the final month of pregnancy. We have successfully birthed crias for over ten years on our farm and others. We have completed Cheryl DeWhitt’s neonatal class twice and have an excellent vet who is on call 24/7.  I am on farm full time and keeping a close watch on your dam.  We have cameras in our barn so you can watch your dam whenever you wish.  We facilities  are bio secure for visiting alpacas.


Mipaya Birthing

Alpaca Boarding and Agistment

Are you looking for a place to board you alpaca(s)? We are a hand -on farm and really get to know your alpacas and their individual behaviors. By knowing what’s normal for each alpaca, we are alert to behavior changes that can indicate a health issue.  Our monthly boarding fees include bio secure quarantine pens with twice daily paddock cleaning, fresh water, unlimited tested hay, monthly Meningeal worm prevention, body scoring and FAMACA checks.  We are a BVD negative farm and de-worm based on fecals only.  A vet health inspection and a fecal test are required prior to boarding.



Mipaya Birthing

Show Services by Char

Have a conflict and can’t make it to a show?  Only have one alpaca to show and can’t justify going to a show for only one alpaca?  Send your alpaca with us! I will take care of everything and show your alpaca like it is my own. I’ve shown for several farms and even judges.  My showmanship and alpaca handling skills are excellent.   We haul in a 19-foot Gore trailer with powered fans.  References available upon request.



Mipaya Birthing

Alpaca Training by Char

Having a hard time halter training your alpaca?  Do you want to learn how to train your alpaca for public relations encounters?  I can train your alpaca to do obstacles.  I’ve found that it really helps them in the halter ring because they are more confident and less stressed at shows.  Want to train your alpaca yourself?  I will be glad to coach you.  I’ve successfully coached both adults and youth to take the blue ribbon in obstacle/performance competitions.  I’ve also been an advisor for alpaca 4-H projects.