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Professional Fleece Preparation and Management

Fleeces to Go

Fleeces-To-Go is a full service business that professionally prepares and manages alpaca fleeces for show according to current Alpaca Owners Association rules. I have taken many fleece skirting classes and developed my skills . I will prepare your fleece to its best positive presentation to have your fleece judged in either fleece, spin-off or cottage fleece.

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5 Reasons you want Fleeces-to-Go to manage your show fleeces

  1. Fleece shows are judged on an absolute point system VS the comparison method used in the halter show ring.
  2. You receive a written scorecard with valuable feedback from the evaluation of your alpaca’s fleece.
  3. Use fleece show results for marketing your alpaca and specifically their fleece quality.
  4. Safe for your alpacas– keep them home while their fleece earn ribbons and recognition
  5. Cost effective marketing

Fee Schedule

  1. Noodled shorn fleeces – $30
  2. Mushroomed into a bag- $35
  3. Forensic Reconstruction of a jumbled fleece thrown into a bag- $55
  4. Between show cleanup- $5 per show
  5. Fleece skirted for spin-off and cottage fleece entry- $35
  6. Pulling Histogram samples for testing- $5
  7. Consulting fee -$10 (see below)
  8. Excessive Dirt and vegetable matter-$20
  9. Skirting and mill preparation- fee # 1,2,or 3 plus $20

Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the owner.

I accept personal checks by mail or Master Card/ Visa and Discover Card via the Web Store


Fleeces To Go reserves the right to reject fleeces that are deemed ineligible for show by AOA rules. Fleeces may be rejected due to heavy felting, heavy vegetable matter, parasite infestation, excessive dermatitis.   Any fleece that is rejected will be subject to a $10 consulting fee.

Due to periods of heavy demand, please contact me to reserve time for the processing of your fleece(s). I will make every effort turn your fleeces around in a prompt and timely manner.

Ship fleece to:

Char Johnson
9855 Old Concord Road
China Grove, NC 28023

Phone: 614-565-0677


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